Thursday, July 5, 2007


Unlike the Paintbrush swift the Contiguous Swift Polytremis lubricans is more of a sunlover.The males are very territorial ,patrolling their coveted territories chasing away all intruders.This species is very common in monsoon months especially in some specific pockets of this region,the Aakulam lake in the suburbs of Trivandrum is a good place where they can be observed commonly,commoner then even than the ubiqutous Rice Swift Borbo cinnara !

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The Paintbrush Swift Baoris farri, is a common species in lowland-midland riparian regions of the southern ghats.This species also has a mangroove/marsh association its because its foodplant Ochlandra is found in such areas.It also feeds on a number of other bamboos and Tiger bamboo seems to be a local favourite.
Caterpillars are green with black and white head with a single oval black spot on each lobe face.
The Males have a tuft of paintbrush like hair on hindwing cell on upperside hence the name.
A similar species Baoris penicilliata is found in Srilanka.

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The common redeye Matapa aria,as the name suggests is a common skipper here,especially where its larval hostplants, which are anykind of Bamboobs, are plenty.Femles are seen more active in dawn and dusk mostly around hostplants. The eggs are small and when laid are covered with abdominal hairs.The spiral cell of the yellow-headed larva is characteristic.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007


The Indian Skipper is a diminutive little butterfly which usually keeps to low ground. Scientifically its called Spialia galba.The larvae is usually found in Sida sps,

a herb found in open places,roadsides and disturned habitats.A new food plant was added by us to this list which was Melochia(Kalesh& Satya 2004 in press).

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